Your own sauna at home...


You can choose in between standard cabins (see 'Prepared cabins' here-under),
selfmade cabins (click the link 'Make a ...')
or Infra-Red cabins.
Don't hesitate to contact us when you want the installation done by our services.
For those who have the place outside, a Sauna-chalet can be placed in the garden (preferable by our services).
Infra-Red lamps can be added in every sauna-cabin.
As well the prepared cabin as the cabin adapted at your room can be installed by yourself or by our services.
The prepared cabins give you the advantage that they are easy to assemble, the same goes for the standard Infra-Red cabins.
The assembly of a self-made cabin requires some preparation but it gives a more satisfying result in your wellness-room.
These preparations don't mean that the assembly is difficult.
When the installation is done by our services, the cabin can usually already be used at the end of the first day of installation.

Our expo-cabin can be visited ONLY AFTER APPOINTMENT.
Prepared cabins

Make a Sauna yourself

(As well for them who are only looking for spare sparts)

On this page you can find some realisations; helping you to create your project.


For an order of > 750,00 €(VAT incl.) the delivery at home is included (whole Belgium),
if not an additional 30,00 € will be charged as transportfee (whole Belgium).

For additional information,
please contact us on following number +/32/(0)477/33.60.17
or via creaqua@mail.com

As order-confirmation 33% of the invoice has to be payed in advance.
You have to count 2 to 3 weeks of delivery-delay after receipt of your advance-payment.

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