Your own sauna at home...

Do it yourself:

On this page you can find some realisations; helping you to create your project.

Does your room have special dimensions or do you just want to build your sauna on your own?
We can provide you the doors, windows, benches, ovens, sauna-wood and accessories for your complete project.
We can deliver you the complete internal finishing, you determine yourself the outside finishing.

When you have the intention of building a sauna yourself you have to realise that the temperature inside the cabine can go up to > 100C.
That's the reason why we use most of the time Nordic White Pine as finishing on the inside of a sauna-cabin.
Reason: Wood from northern regions grows slower -a much colder climat- this means that the annual rings are thinner and there is less resin in between.
Due to the high temperatures this resin leakes out of the wood, this can burn your skin.
Due to the few amount of resin in the polar wood these leaks are almost unexisting,
thus this risk has been reduced as much as possible.
Abashi is usually used for the benches.
Reason: The woodstructure of Abashi has no resinconcentrations (no heatconcentrations) and no splinters (no injuries) are produced where the wood eventually has been damaged.
The outside finishing can be choosen by yourself in order to match with the style of the room.
Some examples are shown on this page. on the next page

Advices and a more extended pricelist:
Some price examples here under:

Ref. Product-description
Price VAT incl.
W1 Nordic White Pine / m 23,50 €
W2 Hemlock / m 51,00 €
W3 Cedar / m 67,00 €
B1 Abashi bench-wood (6 X 22X95X2000mm.) 56,00 €
B2 Abashi bench-wood (6 X 22X95X2500mm.) 70,00 €
D2 Glass door (73 X 190) 400,00 €
IR3 Set Infra-Red with 3 lamps (short wave) 1147,00 €
Sauna oven 4.5 Kw / 400V without command 234,00 €
Sauna oven 4.5 Kw / 2*230V with internal command 238,00 €
Sauna oven 4.5 Kw / 400V with external command 587,00 €
Sauna oven 6.0 Kw / 400V without command 235,00 €
Sauna oven 6.0 Kw / 400V with external command 238,00 €
Sauna oven 6.0 Kw / 400V with external command 593,00 €
Sauna oven 8.0 Kw / 400V without command 242,00 €
Sauna oven 8.0 Kw / 400V with internal command 242,00 €
Sauna oven 8.0 Kw / 400V with external command 600,00 €
Advices and a more extended pricelist:

For an order of > 750,00 €(VAT incl.) the delivery at home is included (whole Belgium),
if not an additional 30,00 € will be charged as transportfee (whole Belgium).

For additional information,
please contact us on following number +/32/(0)477/33.60.17
or via creaqua@mail.com

As order-confirmation 33% of the invoice has to be payed in advance.
You have to count 2 to 3 weeks of delivery-delay after receipt of your advance-payment.

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